Guess what? June is National Safety Month!

Posted on:June 5, 2014 by HealthCentric | Categories: Health Centric Blog


The National Safety Council encourages us to remember being safety aware while at work, home or on the road will help reduce our risk of injuries.

We will help cover a few of these topics in the upcoming weeks.

Distracted driving is a current issue most of us face on a daily basis. Distracted driving can be anything from texting, eating or multi-tasking while driving, also including passenger distractions.
A few general reminders while driving:

  • For most states, it is illegal to text and drive; you must be hands free while using your cell phone for any reason. Designate your vehicle as a cell-free zone.
  • Review your route, look at your map or program your GPS before you start driving.
  • Secure any items from moving around (purses, laptops, pets and children, etc.) prior to starting the car.
  • Avoid multi-tasking while driving. We have all seen or heard of people applying makeup or shaving in the rearview mirror. Eating and drinking while driving also falls into this category. Anything that causes you to remove your eyes and focus from the road is a distraction.
  • Do not have music too loud in the car so you cannot hear emergency vehicles approaching.
  • Pull over and come to a parked stop if your passengers (children or friends) are acting out (crying, yelling, dropping something, jumping around, etc.). You do not want to risk your life and those of your passengers by getting caught up in what is happening in the vehicle and not being aware of what is happening on the road.


The National Safety Council has an extensive list of resources that may be of interest if you want to learn more.