Individual and Family

Accident Insurance ( Get Quote Now )

When an accident happens and you or a family member is injured, the cost of health care can oftentimes be expensive for the short-term or long-term. If you don’t have a solid insurance plan in place that provides accident/injury coverage, the medical bills can quickly add up causing financial problems that can have a long term effect… Read More

Family Health Insurance ( Get Quote Now )

Your family is the single most important responsibility you have in the world and their medical care is something that is no doubt at the forefront of your mind right now. At HealthCentric we help you in your search for affordable health insurance for your family by offering you the support of our private health insurance exchange throughout the process… Read More

Health Savings Account ( Get Quote Now )

Finding the right health savings account can help you ensure that your money works for you and provides you with a cushion to help pay for medical expenses through the years. An HSA can be the very thing that makes it possible for you to receive timely and quality medical care when you need it most, so your search right now is far more important than just your present medical and financial needs… Read More

Individual Health Insurance ( Get Quote Now )

HealthCentric is a private health insurance exchange that provides you with the opportunity to choose from a variety of individual health insurance plans that best suit your medical needs as well as your overall financial needs. At HealthCentric you get the same health care plan options you would get anywhere else in Illinois, but you also get the security and support of a private health insurance marketplace that is there to provide you with expertise and guidance you need to make the best choice in regards to your health and your financial means… Read More

Life Insurance ( Get Quote Now )

Purchasing life insurance for yourself or for your family is never a particularly happy task, but taking the time to safeguard your family in the event that you pass away is always an important thing to think about. At HealthCentric we are a health insurance exchange that provides health plans and insurance plans that are designed to help make your life and that of your family run smoother whether it is through health care coverage or by ensuring that a financial safeguard has been arranged for when a family member unexpectedly passes away… Read More

Medicare Health Insurance ( Get Quote Now )

As a private health insurance exchange, HealthCentric is focused on ensuring that you get the highest level of health insurance and medical care you can while having access to a health insurance expert that works on your behalf to make the process as easy as possible. Because Medicare is a state-funded and administered medical insurance program, it can oftentimes be a confusing and time-consuming process of applying for and initiating your enrollment into the program… Read More

Short-Term Health Insurance ( Get Quote Now )

When you are in the need of short-term health insurance HealthCentric is here to help you facilitate the search for an affordable health insurance plan that best suits your medical needs for a short period of time. Our private health insurance marketplace is dedicated towards ensuring that you find health plans that provide the right amount of health care benefits, length of coverage and the right price for your medical and financial needs… Read More

Student Health Insurance ( Get Quote Now )

Your search for student health insurance is something that many students have to contemplate when attending college and at HealthCentric our private health insurance exchange is dedicated towards making that search as easy and straightforward as possible. As a student you are more than likely restricted by not only financial restraints, but by eligibility restraints as well… Read More

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