Accident Insurance

When an accident happens and you or a family member is injured, the cost of health care can oftentimes be expensive for the short-term or long-term. If you don’t have a solid insurance plan in place that provides accident/injury coverage, the medical bills can quickly add up causing financial problems that can have a long term effect. That is why at HealthCentric we provide a comprehensive variety of accident insurance plans that provide medical care coverage when you need it most.

Our health insurance marketplace is a private network created to help make your search for the best accident insurance policy an easy and financially/medically beneficial process. We work as advocates on your behalf (or on the behalf of your family) to match you with a policy that meets a set criteria needed by you such as maximum costs for health plans, eligibility, health care benefits and much more. The benefits of purchasing affordable health insurance through our private health insurance exchange heavily outweigh the option of purchasing through a public health marketplace. We provide a long list of services to help ensure that you and your dependants receive the proper amount of accident insurance that will be there to help offset the costs of an accidental injury whether it is a car accident, a fall or a home repair injury.

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