Short-Term Health Insurance

When you are in the need of short-term health insurance HealthCentric is here to help you facilitate the search for an affordable health insurance plan that best suits your medical needs for a short period of time. Our private health insurance marketplace is dedicated towards ensuring that you find health plans that provide the right amount of health care benefits, length of coverage and the right price for your medical and financial needs.

Finding the right short-term health insurance plan is easy with our one-stop shopping health insurance exchange. We provide the perfect level of support and advocacy to guarantee that you are matched up with health plans that are best suited for your short-term health needs. Whether you are looking for a medical plan that has a high level of medical benefits and coverage or you are looking for a basic plan that is affordable for just a 6 month period, HealthCentric is ready and able to aid you in your efforts to find a quality plan that is right for you. No matter where you search for short-term health insurance you will find the same prices for the specific health plans we offer, the difference between HealthCentric and the rest of the Illinois insurance exchanges is that our private network provides you with an advocate that works on your behalf to make the process as beneficial to you as possible.

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